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Learn about my pet projects.

COVID has turned my three-generational household into a cube farm without walls.  We’ve created workstations for three adults and two grandchildren who are being home schooled.

I’m cutting back on work time and shifting my balance toward family  I will still make time for “pet projects” and special interests.  If I get too busy, I’ll give priority to current and former clients, NORDP members, and alumni of my training programs.

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Pet Projects

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I’m most interested in:
(1) urban agriculture projects; and
(2) ideation for team science and center proposals.
But feel free to contact me with any idea that interests you.


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I offer a few open enrollment courses through Tillie Harris’s Grant Training Center and NSF’s CyberAmbassador program run by Dirk and Katy Colbry at Michigan State.
I also teach customized workshops on an ad hoc basis.

Proposal Development

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Time permitting, I provide strategy consultations, write management plans, edit proposal drafts, and serve on red teams. Contact me for availability.